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Safety Tactile Pave

Innovative 2mm Concrete Tactile

Safety Tactile Pave is an Australian made 2mm CONCRETE reinforced cautional and directional TGSI tactile paver. Initially designed to assist the vision impaired but it now has a wide range available for a variety of uses.

All components used in the making of the pavers are sourced locally in Australia.

Australian Standard – AS 1428.4 requirements

Conforms to AS 1428.4 Slip Resistance Specifications and has passed ATTARs Wear Resistance Test and Zedcom Compressive Load Test. Conforms to the specifications required by Public Transport Authority and Main Roads of Western Australia. R12 Slip Rating approved.


A tactile paver with the capacity to withstand high volume pedestrian traffic and heavy weight vehicle traffic up to 2 tonne as per Zedcon’s Compressive Load testing. We certify all our work to comply with current industry standards.

Minimise Installation Time

Eliminating excavation, saw cutting, drilling and with minimal surface treatment required, Safety Tactile Pave can be installed in a short time frame.

Minimal Downtime

An approximate cure time of less than one hour enables the area of installation to be trafficable in approximately two hours subject to weather.

Risk Minimisation

Safety Tactile Pave does not lift, become dog-eared, delaminate or break. At a 2mm thickness, the tactile is laid virtually flush with the existing surface reducing the danger of tripping hazards. Comprehensive Load Testing and Slip Resistance Test Results are available on request.

Government approved

Working alongside Public Transport Authority, Main Roads and local shires within WA.

Tiles are made locally

Tiles are made locally in our warehouse and can be manufactured within as little as two weeks. Limited stock is available.

Safety Tactile Pave

The Advantages

of using Safety Tactile Pave

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  • Minimal disruption to the public Non-hazardous material
  • Trafficable within 2 hours
  • Guaranteed for 5 years with a maintenance program
  • Cost effective and long lasting
  • No excavation required
  • Range of colours available
  • Adheres to most substrates
  • Fire resistant
  • All staff traffic management accredited

Tiles are made locally in our warehouse and can be manufactured within as little as two weeks.

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